Here you'll find gears, canopies and skydive equipment.


To enjoy the unlimited fun in enthusiastic freefall and driving your parachute you need intransigent security in your maintained gear. Diana and Markus are hooked skydivers believing that absolute trust in your equipment is a necessary requirement to free your mind for the best thing in the world: Jumping out of a aircraft and having fun!


The result of this passion drove Markus to maintain gears and consult his skydiving friends in taking a choice in the rigth equipment. Based on the increasing demand of trustful advise, we decided to give this business a try.


On the one hand we would like to unleash the delight of skydiving to newcomers. On the other hand we love to support our expierenced skydiving friends in finding the perfect gear in a full range of product choices for a fair price.


We are happy to assist you in your needs and wishes. Everything you want to know or get is more than welcome to be found and solved by us.


Topsy-turvy skies


Diana und Markus